Angela Ackerman

SBA T.H.R.I.V.E Coach


How do participants benefit from having you as their SBA T.H.R.I.V.E. Coach?

​​As a business psychologist I am a trusted advisor who thrives on guiding businesses on their path to success.

Benefits participants would receive:

  • Identify obstacles that are preventing growth or efficiency
  • ‌Determine what changes need to be made and help implement changes
  • Provide any necessary training and resources to staff and management
  • Bring out-of-the-box ideas to refresh a business
  • Assist in business planning and creating new customer segments
  • Analyze a company’s budget, suggest adjustments
  • Locate providers and partners to help meet goals

My Top 3 Values as a Business Owner:

1. Resourceful - the goal of fixing issues and finding solutions, no matter what chaos the world throws at one they adapt accordingly and build a solution with the pieces they’re left.

2. Persistent - the ability to continue moving forward, looking for solutions and working toward success. This quality is also the ability to confront challenges and retain your perspective — even when the challenges of leadership become stressful or complicated.

3. Passion - an outstanding communicator to listen with intent to genuinely understand, and clarity of vision. Future-focused and have the capacity to engage others to realize goals set forth.


My Experience in Coaching & Mentoring Entrepreneurs

  • Business Consultant, Worxbee
  • Instructor / Business Consultant, Interise
  • DEI Consultant, The Boston Foundation
  • Business Consultant, RHS - Engineering Consultant LLC
  • Business Consultant, Professional Diversity Network-PDN
  • Business Consultant, Dress for Success

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