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About David

David is the founder of Jackson David LLC, a business consulting firm, former Deputy Director of the U.S. Small Business Administration in Arkansas and a NASA guy. He served for 13 years in the aerospace industry as a program analyst, manager and consultant for the Shuttle, Space Lab and Space Station programs. David has owned and operated several businesses in the fields of risk management, retail and business consulting, run a $52M program for the Arkansas Energy Office, and invested in dozens of Arkansas startup companies. His consulting firm provides a variety of services for small and medium sized businesses. He was recently named as the new Executive Director for the Ark Angels Alliance and is leading the Minority Business Empowerment Fund program with Southern Bancorp and the Croom Firm. His newest endeavor is developing the Faith-Based Executive Officers (FBXO) peer group.

David has served on a variety of boards including non-profits dedicated to education, technology training, veterans and supporting startup companies. In addition to consulting, David also enjoys speaking and writing on leadership, organizational culture, and entrepreneurship and has a social media following as StartupDad.

David is a devoted husband, father, grandfather, Christian, and enjoys the outdoors, skiing, sports, and playing the drums.

My Top 3 Values as a Business Owner:

1. Culture
2. Communication
3. Leadership

My consulting experience has shown me that most small business challenges are the result of one or more of these core elements of the company not working properly. Most of our clients come to us self diagnosed as needing help with marketing, finance, HR and other areas. These tend to be symptoms. The real problem is commonly an issue with one of the core business elements mentioned above. We repair the symptom but also want to fix the core elements, or issues will continue to occur.


“As the owner of a small business consulting firm, for SBA Deputy Director and the inaugural instructor for the Emerging Leaders program in Little Rock, AR, my passion is serving small businesses, especially female and minority owned businesses.”

How do participants benefit from having you as their SBA T.H.R.I.V.E. Coach?

Participants will benefit from a wealth of knowledge and connections from running my own businesses and providing hands-on consulting to companies with a host of business models. I understand their challenges. I also make sure we both fully understand the language of business so we can communicate openly and honestly about what needs to be done and how to achieve it.

My Experience in Coaching & Mentoring Entrepreneurs

I've consulted with, coached, taught and mentored hundreds of small business owners in my career. I am fortunate to have a wealth of knowledge and connections from running my own businesses and providing hands-on consulting to companies with a host of business models.


Jacksson David LLC

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We help companies start up, expand, or recover by guiding their executive teams to lead, innovate, communicate, and build a strong, sustainable culture.

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