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About Kellyann

Engineer, Program Manager, Transformative Leader, and Systems Management Business Coach Kellyann M. Few is a Civil/Environmental Engineer who has navigated the U.S. federal government for over 25 years designing management & organizational solutions. She promotes leadership, collaboration, systems management, and organizational change for success. As a program manager, executive advisor, consultant, and leadership advocate she has served the US Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Defense, and community groups.

Kellyann is committed to facilitating individual, community, and organizational growth through transformation. Her program experience includes: Leader. Energy/Environmental Sustainability Management Systems design focused on community engagement, environmental management, and economic development. Engineer. Program, Project, and Proposal (P3) Management for governments in all industry sectors such as Environmental, Energy, IT, and Cyber.

Advocate. Small Business Growth & Operation Strategies for construction, facility, property acquisition, and telecommunications management. Designer. Creator of ideas, plans, and programs to support the implementation of lasting management platforms for community impact, environmental compliance, and training. Kellyann obtained a Master of Science Degree in Civil Engineering and Environmental Management from Tufts University, and a Bachelor of Engineering Science Degree from Hofstra University. Currently an executive coach with 19seventeen, LLC where she implements growth wheel and Sandler sales protocols for clients. She is also a master trainer for technical solutions in technology, government procurements, and nonprofit strategies. Kellyann believes the purpose of coaching is to empower entrepreneurs and support them in utilizing their gifts to realize greatness and business growth.

My Top 3 Values as a Business Owner:

My top offerings as a Business Coach are Systems Management, Innovation, and Personal Greatness.
1. System Management
As a program/project manager working with CEOs to effectively build a plan provides a way to standardize a response to changing business requirements and operations activity with a process.

2. Innovation
As a transformative leader encouraging CEOs to think outside the box cultivates disruptive ideas, optimizes people-policies-practices, engages diverse stakeholders, and employs data to tell their stories of business success.

3. Greatness
Believing business growth starts with "standing in your rightful place" as a leader. Knowing your contributions as a CEO allows entrepreneurs to succeed because of their ability to connect, communicate, and collaborate. Sometimes, pushing for change in behavior, patterns, and beliefs is necessary for business growth.


“Having a coach with a background in government and commercial operations allows businesses to grow and contribute to Resiliency (recovery) through Sustainability (economic development-community engagement-education/environment/energy etc...)”

How do participants benefit from having you as their SBA T.H.R.I.V.E. Coach?

Coaching support starts with understanding the CEO’svision, mission, and core values. Understanding what is important to our CEOs is the foundation of all guidance. Encouraging CEOs to create a balance between self, family, business, and community. With this balance, a whole business is delivered. Expecting our CEOs to adopt a systems approach using Kellyann’s business methodology focused on business operations, business development, capture management, and solutions delivery. Requiring the CEO to clearly define revenue goals, witha commitment to commit to a vision and mission.

My Experience in Coaching & Mentoring Entrepreneurs

  • 2 years as the SBA Small Business Development Director in Chicago - 2006-2007.
  • 10 years in the U.S. Department of Commerce - Minority Business Development Agency as an Business Development specialist covering a wide range of coaching and mentoring on access to contracts, access to capital, and access to global marketing.
  • 2 years of specialized coaching/mentoring for AAPI business to gain access to Federal government business development service.

19Seventeen LLC

Industry: Business Consulting and Services

19Seventeen is a Business Coaching and Consulting company focusing on creating exceptional and sustained Business Growth for its clients. We accomplish this through business analysis, strategy development, and phased implementation by working with business owners while quantifying the expected outcomes of those strategies. We Transform the Goals of Your Business into Reality.

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