Ken Sevick

SBA T.H.R.I.V.E Coach


Owner of Ken Sevick Coaching and ActionCOACH of Western PA.
Certified Business, Executive, and Team Coach

Cohort Location(s): Columbus, OH | Youngstown, OH

About Ken

Ken has been coaching business owners, CEO's and their teams for over 18 years. He is a certified business, executive, and team coach. Ken has coached businesses in over 60 different industries from family businesses to global corporations. He has over 11,000 hours coaching owners and CEO's one-to-one and over 800 hours of formal training in coaching, leadership, strategic planning, systems, processes, marketing, financials, Human Resources, and team building.

As a skilled trainer and presenter, Ken has delivered dozen of business workshops to organizations such as the SBA, local colleges and universities, business groups, non-profits, and individual businesses. He has been SBA Emerging Leaders instructor for Pittsburgh since the kickoff year of 2015.

Prior to building his own business, Ken worked at a major US retailer for 17 years as an operations executive, HR executive, buyer, and manager. Ken is married to his wife Kelli of 29 years with 2 daughters, Tori and Taylor. Ken is an avid golfer, road cyclist, and loves to fish in the Gulf of Mexico. He is involved in his church and plays guitar.

My Top 3 Values as a Business Owner:

1. Integrity - I do what I say I will do and will be the first to admit if I can't do it and then make it right immediately.

2. Congruency - I practice what I teach my clients. I am also a business owner and do the things to run a successful, profitable business. I can speak to this with my clients.

3. Empathy - I care about my clients as people first, and then business owners. Our businesses are intertwined with our personal lives. When personal issues are impacting the business, it's important to allow for clients to share their thoughts, struggles, challenges, etc. that are impacting them personally. This often guides how the business strategy is approached.


How do participants benefit from having you as their SBA T.H.R.I.V.E. Coach?

I have coached owners, CEO's and their teams in over 60 different industries over the last 18 years. I've worked with business doing under $100k in gross Revenues to Corporations producing multi-millions in various countries. I've learned to work with the tools I have along with provided curriculum to help owners stay focused, accountable, and driven towards their goals.

My Experience in Coaching & Mentoring Entrepreneurs

18 Years as a business, executive, and team coach. I own Ken Sevick Coaching and ActionCOACH Business Coaching of Western PA. I have over 11,000 hours coaching business owners 1 on 1, and over 700 hours of formal training in coaching, financials, marketing , and team.


Ken Sevick Coaching

Industry: Professional Training and Coaching

Proven processes, methods and systems for taking your business to the next level are what I’ve been delivering to clients for over 16 years. Whether it is to secure your legacy, increase your cash flow, build a great team, put a strategic plan in place, or to free up your time, I can provide the guidance, accountability, and tools you will need for your success.

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