Soraya Van Horn

SBA T.H.R.I.V.E Coach


CEO, Van Horn Ventures LLC

Cohort Location(s):Indianapolis, IN | St. Louis, MO

About Soraya

Soraya Van Horn, CEO, Van Horn Ventures LLC where she supports busy CEOs to help them identify and compete to win federal government contracts. An East. St. Louis native, she has deep roots in the Indianapolis community, and an avid business matchmaker and active advisory member on a few nonprofit boards. She created vPro Academy to help provide an 'evergreen' training environment.

As a SixSigma IT PM, Soraya helped to create a software using AI technology that pulls intel from hundreds of databases so small businesses can reach the decision makers of large companies with one-click.

When not in front of the computer, training or speaking, Soraya manages her vacation company, Van Horn Vacations, helping take the nation on vacation with travel, tours and transportation. Soraya enjoys providing business building foundations that encourage entrepreneurs to meet, mastermind and mingle with business retreats; then 'write-it-off'. When she is not helping CEOs capture contracts, she enjoys private jazz music excursions with her husband of 20+ years. She has 4 grown children, one son and three daughters, all who support the family legacy.

My Top 3 Values as a Business Owner:

1. Integrity
2. Relationships
3. Implementation

Integrity in relationships is key. I am the kind of person that my word is my bond. I stand on what I say and deliver. I developed a process in training called the R3 Process. Its built on Requirements, Relationships, Results. I model this in all processes. I like to work with entrepreneurs who are implementers and action takers.


How do participants benefit from having you as their SBA T.H.R.I.V.E. Coach?

Participants can learn from my project management experience and how I ask just the right questions to give them just the right answers to their questions. Or maybe the questions they have not asked yet. I am a great business connector and have a large database to refer clients to. My business failures and successes have allowed me to develop some great automation and client development tools that I can share.

My Experience in Coaching & Mentoring Entrepreneurs

I have a successful business coaching and consulting business. I lead Facebook groups in various industries. I am knowledgeable of various technical resources and tools that can truly help entrepreneurs. I am very passionate about helping small and medium businesses scale.


Van Horn Ventures LLC

Industry: Business Consulting and Services

Based in Indianapolis, Van Horn Ventures LLC is a leading business consulting management company. Provider of strategy planning and contract capture services to private entrepreneurs across the United States. We provide a range of consulting services and utilize our vast resources and years of experience to help CEOs get a seat at the table.

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