Terhea Jones

SBA T.H.R.I.V.E Coach


Emotional Well Being Coach | Servant Leader | Project Manager

Cohort Location(s): Dallas, TX | El Paso, TX | San Antonio, TX

About Terhea

Terhea Jones, has over two decades of experience working with children, adults and non-profit organizations. She is taking her passion as a servant leader and utilizing proficient skills to promote collaboration, advocacy and change management delivery while teaching how to cultivate great talent for small business owners.

As a project manager, consulting small business owners to understand their leadership style and how it impacts their lives and brings forth a gift of service to their employees who are one of the life lines to business development.

Terhea is committed to the growth of small business owners, their well being and how they show up in their business. It usually stems from the experiences that impact more than just themselves.

A few ways I impart this into the business owners is by coaching on;

Intentionality – Being supportive and aware of how you treat the members that are on our teams and exercise good self-management and control.

Authenticity – Understand truth and fairness. How to deliver authenticity and the benefits of being proactive or reactive. Know who you are!

Understand Your Why – What is your purpose, cause or belief..(Simon Sinek) Why do you show up every day?

She has B.S. Degree in Human Resource Management and M.S., Degree in Management and Leadership.

Terhea is currently an Emotional Well Being Coach for entrepreneurs and start up women business owners.

In her own business she focuses on “servant leadership” as she knows what it feels like to be in a position to only give value to owner’s and also to be recognized for your value. As leaders the responsibility is ours to build teams with leadership first and management of business second.

A servant leader actually cares for those we lead!!! We support and look for ways to see them succeed rather than what one can only “do” for me.

She is currently a corporate speaker and hosts/keynote public speaking events. She has a podcast show - “Kindness Is Dope." She is also a Certified Life Coach and has served as an “Emotional Well Being Coach for women at the Urban League’s Women Business Center.


My Top 3 Values as a Business Owner:

My top three values as a business owner are: accountability, consistency, and Determination through inspiration.

1. I demonstrate accountability as it is easy to rely on someone else (working in corporate) but when you have ownership, being accountable makes you either become responsible or tuck tail and hide because of mistakes or failures. Hold one's self to a standard of excellence, not perfection, just be better than you were the day before.

2. In consistency, it's the way you show up even when you don't get the results you think you should. There are not very many SUCCESSFUL overnight sensations. We must all show up day after day as leaders. Showing up delivers character and leading by example is what leaders do, even when we don't want to. Most will tell you you have to be "thick skinned" to succeed in entrepreneurship.

3. Determination is demonstrated by resiliency for me. I know what I serve is a gift to others and I know that my gift is not about me, but to help someone else on their journey. I am a servant leader, I serve for the good of everyone involved.


My Experience in Coaching & Mentoring Entrepreneurs

I have been coaching/mentoring entrepreneurs for the past 8 years. I am currently (virtually) at the Urban League Women's Business Center. I also teach emotional well-being as an additional component to mentorship. We don't realize that the way you live your life is usually how you show up in your business, but no one teaches how significant our emotional well being is to our success.

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