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About Anita

Anita Nielsen is the best-selling author of “Beat the Bots” and President of LDK Advisory Services. Using 20+ years of knowledge and trench experience in sales, leadership, and entrepreneurship, Anita helps business leaders develop high-performance sales cultures and sales teams that deliver unprecedented growth.

Her proprietary Psyched2Sell Master Class teaches sellers to recognize the psychology, and logical and emotional drivers of buyers’ decisions so they create value propositions to win prospects’ hearts and minds, and close deals.

Anita is committed to elevating women in sales, and serves on Boards for The National Association for Women Sales Professionals, and The Institute for Excellence in Sales, Women in Sales Leadership Forum. Plus, Anita helps grow future business leaders through her work as a Sales Coach for entrepreneurial sales students at the Harvard Business School. Anita has also been named one of’s “29 game-changing sales Influencers to follow in 2022.”

My Top 3 Values as a Business Owner:

Three of my company's values that are near and dear to my heart are:

  • 1. Be Real
  • 2. Be a Client Advocate by Devoting Yourself to Helping Clients Succeed
  • 3. Differentiation lives in the mile after the extra mile

These values sum up what matters most to me as a business owner, coach and consultant. I demonstrate these values in all that I do - and I do it very intentionally. Living these values ensures I stay the course and don't inadvertently compromise what matters most to me and for the business. As a SME, it is invaluable to have someone who is able to be real and genuinely connect with the audience.

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LDK Advisory

LDK Advisory Services was founded because there are far too many sales methodologies, trainings and content that focus on a "one size fits all" approach. These types of trainings and methodologies set leaders and sellers up to fail miserably.

We recognized the only way that sales enablement activities really work and stick is when they are highly customized and personalized based on a unique sales team in a distinct

culture. That's why we are here, to help sales leaders create high performing sales organizations and accelerate profitable growth.

How do participants benefit from having you as one of their SBA Thrive Subject Matter Experts?

My students truly learn and adopt what I teach them because I make the content simple and fun. I am not an academic, stuffy or Uber-professional sales trainer that intimidates or annoys participants.

I very quickly earn the trust of my students because I have been in their shoes - I am not a sales or leadership trainer in their eyes. I am a sales professional and leader who trains and coaches. Because of the trust and mutual respect that I am able to create, I naturally end up with a power messaging persona best described as the "big sister." Big sisters can be a pain in your behind, they can push you to do better and make you get your work done right, sometimes despite yourself. They can do this because you know that they have your best interest at heart and are in your corner. When we think of the big sister archetype, we think things like: "thick as thieves," "tough love," "has my back," or "I need to make her proud.” These and similar thoughts lend themselves perfectly to the context of trainer/coach and adult learners as the students/participants. The participants know that I care and that goes a LONG way in helping engage them and absorb the information.


About the Module

Driving Sales

In this module, participants will build knowledge of selling, from understanding the difference between inbound and outbound sales to creating buyer personas, implementing effective selling strategies, utilizing software, prioritizing customer success, conducting competitive analysis, and applying necessary data. Participants will also focus on their elevator pitch and how to sell to investors.

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