Corbitt Chandler

Subject Matter Expert


About Corbitt

Corbitt Chandler is an entrepreneur, elite digital marketer, consultant, and mentor. He recently was recognized as one of Birmingham’s (Alabama) top CEOs by the Birmingham Business Journal at its annual CEO Awards. He has founded multiple startups both bootstrapped and capital funded. He founded his first business, Apex Current, in his garage, after 15 years in corporate America. He drove Apex Current to a seven figure annual revenue. Apex Current has been featured in national press publications for ranking 7th on DesignRush's list of the Top-10 U.S. ROI-Driven digital ad agencies.

My Top 3 Values as a Business Owner:

1. Gas pedal comes from the quote, a sure fire path to success is with massive action each day," so whether it's self development, work, family, etc. I hit the gas pedal and do it with everyone that's in me.

2. Growth is a value that focuses on my responsibility as a multiplier. I look at what I do for business as more similar to an investment firm than marketing agency meaning their marketing dollars are an investment in tangible, trackable and consistent growth. My role is to multiply their business and I get to leave a lasting legacy with what I do.

3. Give focuses on what I do to bring value to others, drive impact or be a change maker. It can play out by simply donating to causes I believe in, to helping businesses owners who can't afford my time, to mentorship and more. Just a reminder that at the end of the day it's all about helping others.


“I've worked with brands across the globe, consulted with major brands, led workshops and run one-day digital ad trainings. Like everything else, there are many aspects to running and leading a successful business but when you know without a shadow of doubt what you need to do to drive sales at scale, there's no bigger game changer and that's what I can bring to the table.”


About the Module

Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategies

In this module, participants will understand the inner workings of digital marketing and how to develop comprehensive social media strategies, learn the differences between organic and paid social media, and how to leverage the two, influencer marketing, and online reviews. Participants will acknowledge the state of their reputation and how to manage it successfully while also learning the metaverse and how it affects businesses.

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