Jessica Bull

Subject Matter Expert


About Jessica

Jessica Bull is an attorney, mentor, and founder of the J. Bull Consulting Firm, a virtual trademark and business law firm. She specializes in collaborating with businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives to ensure a strong legal foundation for their business and brand.

Jessica is an active community participant and volunteer. She is committed to educating others by providing resources and hosting business events to share information, inspiration, and access. Jessica believes business and law are part of her legacy and purpose. She is passionate about empowering her community to take creative control in their businesses, art, and content.

My Top 3 Values as a Business Owner:

1. Integrity - You should always be honest, treat others with fairness, kindness and respect.

2. Value - Valuing yourself, the time, and essence of others; their contribution and their role within the community and world. Everyone has something to provide or give and all value is not monetary.

3. Expertise - I believe that it's important that when operating in business whether service provider or goods business you should know your business and field intimately. I believe it's important to understand your business and where it fits in the market, how you can become better ie. is there new technology and are you participating in communities and resources that will ensure you continue to remain educated and apprised of the constant and growing changes within your field and expertise.

“I have been teaching and working with business leaders for over three years. I hosted classes, presentations, workshops, live sessions, and participated as a guest to courses, podcasts, school and business and entrepreneurship conferences etc. I have been operating as a legal consultant and business strategist and provide advice, guidance and strategy.”


J Bull Consulting Firm

Industry: Law Practice
We are a Small Business and Creative Law Firm. J Bull Consulting was formed around the ideology that every small business and creative should have an attorney on their dream team. Our goal is to provide a more accessible approach to utilizing an attorney for small business owners and creatives. We desire to make everything in your business from contracts to intellectual property simple and easy.

How do participants benefit from having you as one of their SBA Thrive Subject Matter Experts?

Participants benefit from me as an instructor because I have taught, served and been in community with 100's of business owners. I often offer a unique perspective not just legally but also strategically; one of my greatest skill sets is my ability to convey complicated ideas, and inaccessible matters to any business owner. I understand the obstacles that many businesses owners face because I am a business owner as well. I have experience with teaching legal and business concepts within a virtual space. For example, I have workshops that assist small businesses and creatives to protect their content and brand such as " Trademarks & your Business" and "Ten Legal Mistakes Small Business Make and How to Avoid Them".


About the Module

Legal Compliance, Intellectual Property,
and Contracts

Participants will gain knowledge of intellectual property, trademarks, and contracts. This module will cover legal compliance and how to abide by state and national laws, rules, and regulations.

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