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About Judy

Judy Dang founded Avid At Work to empower entrepreneurs to turn ideas into action. Clients affectionately call her a “Time Ninja.” Instead of starting 57 ideas and never finishing them, clients learn to cut through the noise and focus on priorities that drive business forward. She breaks down large “fuzzy” projects into easy pieces, so clients get to the finish line. Judy brings over 18 years of project management expertise from serving universities, entrepreneurs, and professional services firms. She has appeared in Forbes and Wired magazines. Judy invented the Goal Getter Formula, a five-step process for clarity on priorities and actions to achieve them with ease and confidence. “Perfect Enough,” Judy's book for Asian-American women on breaking free of perfectionism, will be published by New Degree Press in September 2022.

My Top 3 Values as a Business Owner:

1. Well-being
Business is a marathon, not a sprint. I take care of myself physically, mentally, and emotionally so that I can serve others for the long haul. I believe that we cannot give what we don't have. I also regularly invest in myself through courses and programs. After all, we don't know what we don't know.

2. Done is better than perfect
As a recovering perfectionist, I struggled early on in my business with doing things ""right."" I quickly learned that in entrepreneurship there are many ways to do something. And most of the time there's no such thing as ""right."" In fact, the pursuit of perfect trips up a lot of my clients too. Now, I can coach myself and them to execute on a plan with 70% figured out. Then learn along the way.

3. Relationships
Again, business is a marathon, not a sprint. And relationships are no different. I've learned that promoting others first instead of myself sows seeds that bloom for many years. Whenever I meet someone new, I naturally seek ways to connect them with others in my circle. Since referrals are the main source of clients, nurturing relationships is my #1 priority in my strategic plan.

“Owning a business sometimes can feel like a 24-hour job. Like other productivity coaches, I teach clients how to work smarter, not harder. Yes, I show them tips and strategies for managing their time better. But for entrepreneurs, they also need someone to help them think holistically about life, not just business. That's why I focus on compassionate productivity. I give clients the skills and confidence to take vacations, get their weekends back, and make room for self-care while still building a successful business.”


Avid At Work

Industry: Business Consulting and Services
Avid At Work is a business productivity coaching company based in San Francisco. We help bold women achieve big goals without going bananas.

How do participants benefit from having you as their SBA Thrive Subject Matter Expert?

First, when I teach workshops, I joke that I'm allergic to PowerPoint. I focus on action learning so that participants get to directly experience what they learn. Confucius offers this wise advice: "I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand." Second, I'm an Asian-American woman who's also an introvert. Oftentimes when we see magazine covers and images of entrepreneurs, the mainstream photo is of a White man in a powerful pose. That's not me. I can't relate. I want to give participants the confidence that they can do entrepreneurship on their terms.


About the Module

Being an Effective Leader

Being a Strategic and Effective Leader is what growing entrepreneurs strive to become. In Module 1, entrepreneurs will learn how to identify and embrace a CEO mindset, manage time more efficiently, deliver high-caliber performance, and think strategically about their business. Learners will also learn how the influence of current events shapes their business and how to tap into cultural awareness to expand their perspective.

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