Leo Landaverde

Subject Matter Expert


About Leo

Leo is passionate about helping small business owners GROW, PROFIT, and SCALE business to seven figures and beyond. He has done it often, and looks forward to helping others scale and increase sales. Leo has 20+ years as a company President, CEO, and CFO. He is a “serial entrepreneur” and Founder and CEO of Greenland Advisory, a boutique accounting and advisory firm serving clients across the U.S. With a perfect blend of accounting solutions and advisory, Greenland incorporates technology and know-how to accelerate growth and profit so businesses can SCALE UP and CASH OUT! He continues to be an author, speaker, serial entrepreneur and business coach.

My Top 3 Values as a Business Owner:

1. Leading by Example: I never would recommend to any of my clients any accounting processes and procedure, business growth advice, or advice on products or services unless I use them everyday and I can speak from first-hand experience. That's how I've built my practice and it shows on average tenure of my clients of 3+ years.

2. Bias for Action: - a lot of advisors suffer from analysis paralysis. They can create the business plans, the forecast projections but fail on helping business owners on the execution. Execution is everything. Every meeting I hold ends with written minutes and most importantly with a list of action items which must be performed prior to the next meeting. This single strategy has helped my clients grow 15-20% year over year.

3. Under-Promise and Over-Deliver meeting expectations is no longer enough in business. You must exceed expectations and wow customers if you expect to build a brand. I teach the same to my clients. I am a huge fan of Seth Godin and his book Purple Cow on marketing.

“I've been practicing the disciplines I teach as an outsourced CFO for nearly two decades since I started my first business. I am not just theory but most importantly I bring real world experience not just academic experience. I am not just an instructor. Instead I am a consummate practitioner with many years of experience in accounting and finance matters as well as starting and growing companies. In addition to being an outsourced CFO, I am also a licensed commercial broker and lender. ”


Greenland Advisors

Industry: Accounting
Greenland Advisors is a boutique accounting and advisory firm. From Los Angeles to New York, we empower our clients with the intelligence and the tools to manage their growth, regardless of their industry.

How do participants benefit from having you as one of their SBA Thrive Subject Matter Experts?

20+ years of experience as a c-level executive with practical real life knowledge of starting and scaling small businesses. Participants will also benefit from my knowledge in commercial lending. I know exactly how commercial banks work and what they look for when evaluating loans for small businesses.

I am passionate about my work to support and empower other entrepreneurs and small business owners in business finance and raising capital for many years. As a 2021 U.S. SBA Emerging Leaders Program participant, I want to give back to the other entrepreneurs and small business owners in the subject matter of business finance and raising capital.


About the Module

Business Finance and Raising Capital

Understanding how finance applies to business is essential to entrepreneurship. This module will give participants a deeper understanding of financials and the business’s financial state, dissecting and understanding financial statements, managing cash flow, knowing when and how to outsource bookkeeping and overall account management, and the process of raising capital.

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