Senen Garcia

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About Senen

Senen Garcia has been an entrepreneur from an early age. Prior to receiving his undergraduate degree in business administration, Senen was sole owner of two businesses, including a tax practice, and an accounting consultancy for small and large companies. His concentration on entrepreneurship and international business fueled his desire to pursue life as an entrepreneur.

While managing his tax practice, Senen earned graduate and Juris Doctorate degrees, and then opened his law practice to complement his accounting and tax services. Senen’s law practice is thriving, assisting clients with corporate, tax, real estate, and property insurance matters. Senen is a certified SCORE counselor advising small businesses on various topics to help propel them to the next level. Plus, he has assisted the Miami Bayside Foundation educate its small business clients on legal and compliance matters.

My Top 3 Values as a Business Owner:

1. Delegate

2. Empower

3. Provide a vision

I demonstrate these values every day in my businesses. I believe no business is an island per se. It must have a team and that teams needs direction, duties, and authority to carry out those duties. If not, the business will never grow from a micro business to achieve its full potential.

As both a college professor and an educator for various small business education organizations, I have developed a system for working with small businesses to uncover their needs and address them through an educational format that provides the small business owners with the information they need. Further, my experience as an accountant only adds to the knowledge I can provide. By being able to communicate to the small business owners both account and legal points, I can proffer a more complete picture of the needs of the owners. ”


SG Law Group

SG Law group was founded in April of 2009 with the mission to help businesses all over Miami prosper. As a law firm, we are genuinely invested in our clients’ success. For over a decade, we have dedicated ourselves to protecting our clients’ interests as they enter new contractual relationships, establish new businesses, and conquer their respective industries. Our firm is designed to help in every level of operations so our clients can manage their business successfully, regardless of whether their legal issues are macro or micro. We provide a wide range of legal services and business coaching so you can count on us no matter the issue. Our continuous goal is to serve as best that we can by providing friendly, knowledgeable, and personal service. At SG Law Group, we believe in fostering strong client relationships that can last a lifetime because we want to be a part of your business every step of the way.


About the Module

Legal Compliance, Intellectual Property,
and Contracts

Participants will gain knowledge of intellectual property, trademarks, and contracts. This module will cover legal compliance and how to abide by state and national laws, rules, and regulations.

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