Tani Lopez

Subject Matter Expert


About Tani

Tani Lopez is a Social Media Consultant, Coach, and CEO and Founder of the consultancy firm TANIcollective. She has supported digital strategy for Fortune 500 companies for 9+ years, including L’ORÉAL, Nobu, Dunkin’, and Nike. Today, she supports small and medium-sized businesses worldwide on how to navigate social media for business growth through social media management, consulting, coaching, and lectures. She also worked with the U.S. Commerce Department Minority Business Development Agency Export Assistance Center in Houston.

My Top 3 Values as a Business Owner:

1. Loyalty

2. Communication

3. Purpose over profit

Once I have worked with a client and our contract ends, that is not the end of it. I continue to be their biggest fan and supporter. I aim to always have open communication to make sure that I am meeting my clients where they are at. I value having purpose in everything I do before considering profit.


“I really believe in helping accelerate the growth for small businesses among our community by leading and coaching others with the knowledge I’ve gained in my industry over the years. I’m very passionate about what I do and I love helping others feel the same way once they learn how to master social media marketing in a way that’s simple and fun for them.”


About the Module

Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategies

In this module, participants will understand the inner workings of digital marketing and how to develop comprehensive social media strategies, learn the differences between organic and paid social media, and how to leverage the two, influencer marketing, and online reviews. Participants will acknowledge the state of their reputation and how to manage it successfully while also learning the metaverse and how it affects businesses.

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